Building with Scyon Cladding is a Proven Winner

Throughout our time building in Coffs Harbour, Scyon Cladding has proven to one of the most popular products on the market. Majority of our builds have included some form of this external cladding system.

Scyon™ advanced cement composite is the building material with heavy duty performance and enhanced workability. Pioneered by James Hardie over 8 years ago, its innovation has redefined the standard for fibre cement (all references are from the James Hardie Website).

Scyon™ is made from benign raw materials low in toxicity. The products are all low in embodied energy relative to many other building products like masonry and concrete.

Its innovation has enabled the creation of Scyon™ building products that are:

  • Durable and low maintenance
  • Thick, yet light in weight,
  • Easy to handle, cut, gun nail and install.

Scyon™ products are also resistant to fire, impact, rotting, moisture damage and termites.

Used in the right design, Scyon™ products can be used to create energy efficient and thermally comfortable buildings in any Australian climate.

You can achieve an interesting look with any house using Scyon cladding and its pre-primed so Carpenter’s and painters like working with it.

Here at Bentley Homes we have found two of the most popular choices of Scyon Cladding are Axon and Linea. We have also used Scyon internally to create a textured feature wall effect.

Axon is a smooth textured sheet which has 9mm grooves spaced either 133mm or 400mm apart. Cleverly, the sheets’ shiplap joins look just like the grooves. You can also get Axon 133mm in a Woodgrain texture.

Linea is a smooth textured 16mm thick horizontal ‘weatherboard’ with deep shadow lines. You can get it in a narrow board (150mm) or wider board (180mm). Scyon Linea is the ‘weatherboard’ that weathers well.

For more information or detail on other Scyon Cladding Systems available, such as Matrix and Stria, see the following websites: and

13 Bee
9 Red Gum
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