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We are Coffs Harbour Builders with Experience, Commitment and Quality

Bentley Homes are Coffs Harbour builders determined to delight our customers. There are few experiences better than moving into your new home. In the first place, it’s been a journey of discovery for everyone involved. It’s exciting to have full control. Coupled with the significant financial commitment, the myriad of design and décor choices, it can be a little daunting. But finally, the big day comes, and because we guide you every step of the way, we guarantee it’ll be a day you won’t forget.

Bentley Homes are Coffs Harbour Builders that are truly flexible

Unlike most of the bigger new home builders, we don’t limit your choices for either home design or fixtures and fitting. After all, not everyone wants to choose between just scheme a, b or c. That’s not to say we can’t offer packages that fit your budget, but with Bentley Homes you won’t get stuck in a box.

Bring your own house plans or create something special with us

As we are a relatively small company, we provide a truly personalised planning and building service with a hands-on approach. Consequently, we can help create your plans from scratch, or we’re equally happy to work with plans of your own and bring them to life. In short, we offer great flexibility in design. Our homes are tailored to your lifestyle, your block of land, your budget and your dream. As experienced Coffs Harbour builders, we have the advantage of local knowledge. Therefore, we provide assistance right from council planning and approval, to creating truly functional and cohesive home designs.

Bentley Homes build bespoke new homes at affordable prices

You don’t have to choose a package deal from a bigger home builder to get great value. We provide just that. Everything is on the menu at Bentley Homes. Do you want brick and tile or something more contemporary? The choice is yours. In addition, our contacts within the building trade are extensive and so we’re able to source any fixture or fitting at a great price and without delay.

When it’s time to Build Your Dream, call Bentley Homes on 0428 806 335 or visit our office today

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