Custom Home Builders! The Benefits Of Going Local!

Custom Home Builders

Custom Home Builders on the Coffs Coast, we specialise in at Bentley Homes and for good reason.

A custom designed home not only allows you to build to your taste and the way you and your family like to live in your home but it also assures you get the most your of your block, ability to include personalised features and design it with energy efficiency in mind.

Build to get the most out of your block

A custom designed home allows the home owner to get the most out of the block. Blocks of land are rarely the same and we are yet to come across two different sets of clients who are the same or have the same needs and wants.

A custom home allows you to utilise the orientation and shape as best you can and also takes into account the surrounding environment. A custom home is particularly appealing on difficult or sloping blocks or blocks that have covenants or building restrictions such as sewer lines.

Pesonalised features

A custom home allows you to have a say in all details of your home from door handles to Kitchen surfaces and appliances. It allows the owners to express themselves and create a home that truly works for its inhabitants and lifestyle.

A custom home allows you to make choices on layout, textures and colours to achieve a common theme inside and out, for example, a Hamptons inspired home.

It also allows the owners to add unique features that matter to them. Some of the common ones we are seeing on our building projects to date are;

  • Large kitchen with a Butlers Pantry
  • Side access for a caravan or trailer
  • Built in fireplaces
  • Free standing baths
  • Built in outdoor kitchens and BBQ areas
  • Built in cabinetry such as desks, TV units and storage
  • Study Nooks
  • Outdoor showers
  • Sky Lights/windows
  • Double showers

Energy efficient

An energy efficient home is achievable when building a Custom Home. The prime reason for this is that the house can be designed and oriented on the block to utilise cooling breezes and sunlight.

Ideally, a home should be built with the main living and alfresco areas North-facing. This makes a home more enjoyable to live in especially through winter when you want some warmth in your home. A custom home allows you to minimise western windows which can make a home hot and consider cross ventilation.

A custom home also allows the owner to include energy efficient appliances, energy saving devices such as Solar Panels and smart building products such as Scyon Cladding.

In the long run an energy efficient home is more enjoyable to live in and can help save you money on heating and cooling your home.Custom Home Builders

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